Raghuchandra Bhat

Raghuchandra Bhat was born in a family that has been practicing priesthood for the last five decades. They are the hereditary priests for the LAXMI VENKATESHA temple in Gerosoppa (Karnataka State,India).

In 1975 he joined a vedic school named SHRI SHRINIVAS NIGAMAGAMA PATSHALA, Mangalore managed by SAMSTHAN KASHI MATH, VARANASI. There he was exposed to all the parts of the Rigveda (partially Krishna Yajurveda) in the ancient Gurukula system. After graduation in 1978 he came to Mumbai, where he started his consulting practice and conducted various pujas , taught Sanskrit, Prayers, and Slokas to children.
From 1995 to 2000, he conducted puja at KARKALA VENKATRAMANA TEMPLE, Karkala(Karnataka State, India) which is also referred to as PADU TIRUPATHI.
In 1999, he conducted the installation ceremony of Hanuman, Ganesha and also Shikar Prathistapana at Badarikashrama’s India center in Madihalli, as their main Archarya. In early 2000, he was invited to join Badarikashrama in California as their full time priest, serving the Bay area community. He led a week long discourse of ”Baghvath Katha Sapath” in Hindi.
In 2001, he joined the Hindu temple of Wisconsin, Pewaukee as its founder priest. He helped install all the deities and worked on building a large devotee base. He participated in various religious, cultural spiritual, and community activities throughout his tenure. He left in 2006 to found his independent consulting practice puja123.com.
Raghuchandra Bhat is proficient in, Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada & Konkani languages.

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